5 Key Take Aways about HUD



Below are five key take aways from a government watchdog report analyzing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The General Accountability Office report, released last month, raises serious questions about HUD’s ability to execute its own programs.

1. HUD has not developed agency-wide, written policies for its program evaluations.

2. This challenge is particularly apparent in homelessness efforts, for which HUD has limited data outside the annual point-in-time count.(p.51)

3. GAO past reports have also found that HUD has not consistently collected the data needed to track progress toward its goals. (p.51)

4. HUD had not analyzed data reported for its Service Coordinators program to assess the needs of public housing residents and coordinate available resources in the community to meet those needs. (p.54)

5. HUD could better demonstrate that it had effectively planned how it would achieve its goals by providing complete information on the reasons performance goals were not met.


Coffee is Ready @ Cafe M 25

St. Matthew’s House opened Cafe M 25 in the Spring of 2015, serving thrift store customers and providing job skills and employment.

“We have worked together with St. Matthew’s House to create a training program and coffee house experience that is positive and inspiring for those who are looking for a second chance and to gain the work skills necessary to reenter the workforce,” said Jessica Tarver, business development manager for Starbucks.