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Meet an assemblyman with a plan for enabling the poor to join middle class.
“Chad Mayes noticed the striking contrast between the desert town, with its obvious signs of poverty, and Silicon Valley, the state’s economic engine and a bastion of prosperity.” – Vann Ellison

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A healer for housing
“We should all want Ben Carson to succeed. If he does, the fight against poverty can be won. If he does not, then we continue down the same road we’ve been on for more than half a century.” – Vann Ellison 

Vann Ellison discusses mission of HUD with David Webb

“When HUD was created there were some noble goals – people would find a way out of pockets of poverty in our inner cities.” -Vann Ellison

Vann Ellison: Heitkamp shines at hearing on Trump nominee
“Some believe Carson is ill-suited to become HUD secretary due to a lack of bureaucratic management experience.  Senator Heitkamp understands the human aspect of the department’s mission”  -Vann Ellison

Are backaches worth opioid addiction?
“We are seeing far too much opioid abuse in our facilities. For the first time ever, opioid addicts ranked higher in 2016 than alcoholics in admittances.” -Vann Ellison

Ben Carson Could Change the Culture of Subsidized Housing
Carson should set measurable goals with accountability, assume government can’t solve everything and motivate people to improve their own lives, Vann Ellison, president and CEO of St. Matthews House in Naples, Fla., told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Community Must Address Youth Homelessness
“A National Public Radio interview last month points out tens of millions of Americans live in poverty, yet the issue received scant attention on the presidential campaign trail. That does not mean the effects of poverty somehow bypassed Florida.” -Vann Ellison

Will new leadership help homeless students?

“New leadership to fight homelessness is an opportunity to address new challenges, and here is one hidden in plain sight: Just more than 71,000 Florida public-school students are homeless.” -Vann Ellison 

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Political Balance Needed in U.S. Public Housing Policy

“Housing First is a politically rigid answer to America’s social ills. The program rests on a three-legged stool:  “distributive justice,” housing is a human right, and government housing is the answer to chronic homelessness.” – Gov. Robert Ehrlich, Rev. Vann Ellison

Bob Harden radio interview with Vann Ellison

“There are a lot of creative things we can do to help the poor without being encumbered by direction from Washington or Tallahassee.” – Vann Ellison 

Government Imposes Challenges of Fighting Homelessness in Florida

“In Orlando, top elected officials and central Florida homeless non-profits champion the program. The Orlando Sentinel even named a local Housing First advocate as its person of the year in 2015. Before southwest Florida gets caught up in the Housing First movement, however, we should examine the facts.” – Gov. Robert Ehrlich, Rev. Vann Ellison

Measurable outcomes missing in homelessness fight

“The bottom line: federal and state government housing policy makers must gather output data in a more consistent manner – specifically looking at how housing impacts drug abuse, poverty, employment, health and raised incomes.” -Gov. Robert Ehrlich, Rev. Vann Ellison 

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St. Matthew’s shelter gets data on SWFL homelessness
“The lack of coordinated data from the federal program meant the FGCU researchers couldn’t get a handle on the scope of the homeless problem, Ellison said. “It just points out nobody still knows the (depth) of the problem,” he said. “The system isn’t capable of identifying the problems on the streets.”

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Brent Batten: Opioids hitting Collier, Lee hard
“Vann Ellison was an addiction counselor long before he was involved with the homeless. Addiction is one of the leading causes of homelessness and St. Matthew’s House runs a yearlong residential recovery program, so he’s still keenly interested in what’s happening on the streets.” – Brent Batten 

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Sharpen focus on best ways to win the war on poverty

“Another way to address income inequality is to modernize an outdated system to help the bottom 15 percent, or 46 million Americans, escape poverty.” -Gov. Robert Ehrlich, Rev. Vann Ellison 

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Reviewing the good, the bad and the questionable

“It’s rare to hear a company touting that its customers can help the homeless and those vulnerable in society.” – Naples Daily News 

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New cafe at Naples Nissan will drive donation

“Our partnership is a bold statement that says who we are as Americans when the free enterprise system works like this to help the lives of the less fortunate.” -Vann Ellison

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Addicts place hope in recovery program
“But a few faces kept coming back. They were those with chronic dependency issues.”-Brent Batten, Naples Daily News 

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At 50, This Housing Policy Needs a Big Renovation

“If its top officials will stop dabbling in politically correct goals that are impossible to attain, perhaps HUD can return to the core mission of urban renewal, fighting poverty and homelessness.” -Vann Ellison 

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How Healthcare Reform Neglects the Poor 

“I’m just not financially in a situation to afford health care, much less get a fine for it.” – St. Matthew’s House resident

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Lars Larson radio interview with Vann Ellison

“When it comes to government programs, we want to take care of the less fortunate with the goal to move people off dependency and into the free market system.” – Vann Ellison 

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Neal Asbury radio interview with Vann Ellison

“Entrepreneurs can be found in places we may not realize.  Our next guest has done some incredible good for our country.” – Neal Asbury

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People Getting a Second Chance one Cup of Coffee at a Time

“Our residents can be trained in the coffee culture – as a barista – support themselves, stay sober, and it made sense to work with Starbucks to do that.” – Vann Ellison

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Sam Malone radio interview with Vann Ellison

“Our donors wanted us to take direction from local leaders to help the poor, not Tallahassee or Washington.” – Vann Ellison 

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Drew Steele radio interview with Vann Ellison
“Poverty ends on a personal level, not a global level.” – Vann Ellison

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Ignoring Welfare Reform
“One would think with the attention given to income inequality that welfare reform would be a national priority. It is not.” – Vann Ellison

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America in Urgent Need of Welfare Reform

“If government anti-poverty programs focused on individual outcomes, the results would be those like Lance from Michigan.” – Vann Ellison

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Government is broken, but there is another way to heal what ails us
“The social enterprise model is a community-driven approach that turns profits, attracts investors and addresses poverty.” – Vann Ellison