Rev. Vann Ellison is the CEO of St. Matthew’s House, a non-profit social enterprise organization which helps individuals escape poverty, homelessness and drug abuse.  Naples, FL-based SMH accepts no government funding and provides employment opportunities and job skills through its ancillary businesses including food services and thrift store operations in southwest Florida.

SMH started in the late 80  ‘s from humble beginnings as a homeless shelter and soup kitchen, growing to a $14 million organization today. About 1500 individuals pass through its transitional housing and drug treatment facilities in a given year, and of those, 75% secure permanent employment.  picture

As an advocate for improving the nation’s social safety net, Vann has been featured in media outlets across the country including the Baltimore Sun, National Review, Townhall.com and the Wall Street Journal.  He is also a regular commentator on national talk radio shows, and as the head of SMH, frequently appears in local media outlets including the Naples Daily News, radio and TV.